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Monday, February 5, 2018

Career Tech Filmmaking Program

Lincoln County - Charter School Debuts New Filmmaking Program

An article (by Joan Brown) from the Newport News Times (link)

Read Joan Brown's article below:

       LINCOLN CITY – Four high school students talked script and technique         as they prepared to hold their first-ever auditions, which will be for an         infomercial about their school, Career Tech.

      “We’re building a film program,” said instructor Lucinda Ulrich.  Prior to         coming to Lincoln City, Ulrich was an independent film maker in          
       Albuquerque, N.M., where she also started a high school film program           that is still running.

       Funded through an Oregon Department of Education grant, which was         possible because of the passing of Measure 98 – the High School      
       Graduation and College and Career Readiness Act of 2016 – the video           program started at the beginning of the 2017-18 school year and     
       meets once a week.

      “We’re still working out all the details, the money just became available 
       this month,” Ulrich said.  “This is kind of like a start-up experience, 
       we’re kind of building the ship as we’re sailing it.”

       Currently the equipment being used works as a learning tool, but it 
       won’t get the students very far.

       “There’s a list of acceptable cameras that are considered broadcast-
       quality.  If you don’t own one of those cameras, you can’t distribute to 
       Netflix, you can’t distribute to any of the major studios,” Ulrich said.     
       New equipment is forthcoming.

       “Long term I really want to get to a point, maybe in the summer,     
       where we’re shooting actual short films and then we’re partnering with 
       union film people, that’s sort of a long-term goal,” she said.

       Because of past experiences and contacts, Ulrich has been able to line         up mentors from almost all aspects of the film industry.  As students  
       advance she will connect them with those who will be able to guide   
       them in advancing their film careers.  “These are people who are 
       professional, who are working, who can mentor,” she said.

       Of the four students in this first course, two students have no video    
       experience and two students have made skate and music videos using         their home equipment.

       Trinity Shamberger, 15, said, “I don’t have any film experience, but I 
       take photos.”  Mostly she takes pictures of her cat and nature such as   
       sunsets and raindrops on the grass.  Shamberger said she would like  
       to make videos featuring animals.

       Faith Bennett, 17, said, “I don’t really have any film experience.  I’ve 
       learned a lot from Lucinda, she really enlightened me about the whole 
       cinematography world.”  Bennet said she would like to make videos 
       featuring nature.

       Jeremiah Surber, 16, said, “I started filming skateboarding with my 
       friends probably a year and a half ago on my iPhone.  I found out I 
       really liked it and purchased my first camera about a year ago.  When 
       I found out we got this video program this year I was super excited.”  
       Surber said he intends to go to college and study everything he can for 

       Tyler Rini, 16, said, “I’ve filmed music videos for my brother, because 
       he’s an artist.  Also, I’m a big editor – I like to edit stuff.”  Rini said his 
       aim is to make music videos professionally.

       “Next semester (each student) is going to have their own project and 
        they’re going to have their own pieces,” Ulrich said.

       For next year she hopes to run the class like a crew, and take on   
       projects that students would get paid for.  “We would be Career Tech’s 
       production company.”

       Contact reporter Joan Brown at 541-265-8571 x211 or     

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