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Friday, November 1, 2013

A Head Start Halloween

Written by Suzanne Miller, Head Start Director

Not only does Head Start educate and care for children’s well-being and support their families, they also have fun! This Halloween was no exception. The Head Start teachers and children dressed up in a variety of wondrous costumes. With a dedicated staff and a great curriculum with measurable outcomes, Head Start continues to be the gold standard in pre-school education. In Lincoln County, we are proud to be a shining example of the best that early childhood education and social services can offer. Our partners within CSC and throughout the community make our services invaluable to our most at risk children and families. With the ongoing scepter of federal cuts looming, it continues to be important to have the assistance of friends who can contribute their time and money to help sustain this program. If you would like to talk about the current needs, make a long-term contribution, or would like a personal tour of our facilities, please contact Dr. Suzanne Miller, Director, at 541-996-3028, ext. 272.

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