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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hendrix Heating Shares Warm Generosity with Community

Thanks to long-time CSC Weatherization program partner Hendrix Heating, winter will be much warmer for a few local low-income households.

Hendrix Heating owners Carla & Roger Kaminga contacted CSC Housing Finance Specialist Kathy Stroud to ask for the names of some low-income households that were on the waiting list for furnace replacements. After identifying and getting permission from clients that were living with no heat source, Hendrix Heating then contacted the families and gave them the gift of heat - new furnaces or heat pumps.

"Over the years we've been serving CSC clients, we've seen so many folks that are in such need, and due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, they've had to wait a long time just to get a consistent source of heat in their home. Roger and I truly believe that God has placed us in the position we're in and it's our responsibility to try to manage what He's given us in a way that honors Him and blesses others whenever possible." said Carla.

"We found ourselves in the position to be able do a little extra this year and were glad that CSC was able to give us a list of people that needed help. It is such a blessing to be able to share with someone that we're going to come out and help them get heat in their home (maybe for the first time in
months) for FREE! All of the people we were able to help were so sweet. After the initial shock, there were tears, thank you cards, prayers, baked goods, and promises to "pay it forward". In the end smiles all around both on their end and ours. Good stuff!" said Carla.

CSC is so thankful to have such kind, generous partners like Hendrix Heating. Thank you for your amazing generosity!

HP Helps Make the Holidays Bright for Local Families

For the second year in a row, the HP Women's Network worked with CSC to make the holidays bright for local families in need.

The HP Women's Network received Christmas with lists for eight families - two more families than last year - in CSC's transitional and supportive housing programs. HP held a Christmas drive with their employees, and provided Christmas trees, decorations, dinner, and gifts to each family, which included 22 children. They delivered everything directly to the families' homes.

"They were all happily surprised that there were gifts for both the kids and the adults, including HP laptops! The families have said that the laptops were so helpful for them to do job searches, and they are now also able to do online schooling." said April Hein, CSC Housing Case Manager.

A huge thank you to HP, whose continued support to end poverty in our community makes them a local hero!

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