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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Clarification About CSC and Sequestration

Several days ago, CSC posted talking points excerpted directly from a White House Press Office release on the subject of the potential “sequestration” of federal funding. To the extent that our blog appeared to support or advocate a particular political agenda, we need to clarify: CSC takes no political position “for” or “against” the sequestration. Our intent is to bring you news about CSC and services and programs that affect our clients and communities.

As for the effect of sequestration on CSC, we will know more on March 1st . Barring direction to the contrary from our funders, CSC has plans in place to continue all services and programs for at least the next 30 days, with the exception of federally funded long-term rental housing assistance. There, we will pause, waiting for clarification from our federal and state government before entering into long-term rent subsidy agreements.

So, if you are in need of assistance, or if you can offer assistance, CSC is still the place to start. Give us a call or come to one of the many locations we have listed on this blog. And thanks to those of you who take the time and care to communicate with CSC on our blog. We appreciate you.

Martha Lyon
Executive Director
Community Services Consortium

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mortgage Payment Assistance Still Available to Homeowners Receiving Unemployment

Opportunities still exist for distressed homeowners receiving unemployment benefits to apply for the Mortgage Payment Assistance program at The program is scheduled to conclude at the end of March.

The Mortgage Payment Assistance program is offered by the Oregon Homeownership Stabilization Initiative and designed to help Oregon homeowners receiving unemployment benefits avoid the threat of foreclosure. For qualified applicants, the program makes up to 12 months of mortgage payments up to $20,000, the maximum dollar limit, and will be sent directly to their mortgage lender or servicer each month.

The Mortgage Payment Assistance program has new opportunities to apply every two weeks on Wednesdays at noon. Please check the program page at for availability schedule.

The Oregon Homeownership Stabilization Initiative website provides helpful information about the application process, including a how-to video that answers the most common questions about the program.
To learn more watch the “How to Apply” video and take the eligibility questionnaire and to apply visit

The Mortgage Payment Assistance Unemployment program will help an estimated 4,000 Oregon homeowners stay in their homes. To date programs offered by OHSI have assisted over 4,500 Oregon homeowners.

Homeowners without internet access can make alternative arrangements by calling the CSC office in Albany at 541-928-6335, the CSC office in Newport at 541-265-8505 or the Willamette Neighborhood Housing Services office in Corvallis at 541-752-7220.

Please help get the word out!

Visit the Dept. of Justice website for more information:

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