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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

CSC Head Start Celebrating Head Start Awareness Month – 50 Years of Opportunity

October marks Head Start Awareness Month, and this year also marks Head Start’s 50th anniversary. Head Start locations around the country are celebrating, including Community Services Consortium’s (CSC) Head Start locations in Lincoln County.

Teacher Saka Coy sings with children on Button Day
 On Friday, October 24, CSC Head Start locations participated  in “Button Day,” where staff, students, parents and community partners wore buttons in support of Head Start. It was a fun day and a great reminder of the important work being done at Head Start locally and nationally today and for the past fifty years.

“The buttons say “Head Start Works,” and every day we see that it does—both for growing and learning children and their families, who also receive our support, referrals, partnership and our friendship.  Our community partners help make our Head Start a true success,” shared Suzanne Miller, Director of CSC Lincoln County Head Start.

Suzanne Miller with
Reverend Dr. Paul Hayden

Community partners in attendance included Reverend Dr. Paul Hayden, the new reverend at the Chapel by the Sea Presbyterian Church. The church has been a generous and committed supporter of Head Start, hosting an annual luncheon for Head Start Lincoln County staff, giving the children holiday gifts, and giving backpacks with school supplies at the end for the school year for children needing supplies for kindergarten. 

“Their support, care, and compassion in action has been a real inspiration!” said Miller.

CSC Head Start provides a free preschool education to Lincoln County children ages three to five years old, offering a nurturing learning environment that includes parents as important resources for their children’s learning.

Head Start has locations in Lincoln City, Newport, and Toledo. Head Start focuses on the “whole child” and includes the child’s educational, health, family, and social needs.

CSC Head Start’s educational program is designed to foster intellectual, social, and emotional growth. It meets the needs of each child and is sensitive to the child’s cultural identity, as well as any health or academic challenges.

Head Start staff on Button Day
CSC’s Head Start program doesn’t just focus on education, it also emphasizes the importance of the early identification of health concerns that might get in the way of a child’s success. Every child has a comprehensive health screening, which includes immunizations; medical, dental and mental health assessments; and nutritional needs.

For more information, call or stop by the following CSC Head Start locations:

Lincoln City: 2130 SE Lee Avenue, 541-996-3028
Toledo: 845 NW “A” Street , 541-336-5113
Newport: 253 NE 1st Street, 541-574-7690

To show your support for Head Start, please visit and click the “Donate” button or call Dee Teem at 541-574-2277.

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