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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fourteen Youth Graduate from CSC Youth House Garden

On June 12, six of fourteen of this season's Youth House Garden graduates gathered for a ceremony at the Youth House Garden to celebrate their accomplishments with friends and family. The six graduates included the following:

Jacob Cox graduated with his diploma from 509j College Hill High. He plans on attending Linn-Benton Community College in the fall to pursue writing and science. He likes to write fiction, and is currently working at the Youth Garden. Armand Schoppy, Teacher and Youth Crew Lead at the Youth Garden, testified to Jacob's writing talents.

Justin Tipsword graduated with his diploma from 509j College Hill High. Justin loves hunting and fishing, and his dream job is to become a horticulturist. He was in charge of the greenhouse at College Hill High and is currently working at the Youth Garden. He plans to attend college in the future.

Brian Ortiz graduated with his diploma from 509j Corvallis High. Brian worked on a previous summer crew. He enjoys soccer and helping the community. Brian's dream job is to be a medic, and he plans on going to college.

Bri Johnson graduated with her GED through the Youth House. She enjoys friends in the sun, and never giving up on what she desires. Bri dreams of being a vet assistant and plans on attending college this fall. She has worked at the Youth Garden in the past.

Jesse Hernandez graduated with his GED through the Youth House. Jesse enjoys playing guitar and hope to own his own business some day. He has worked at the Youth Garden in the past.

Javier Carona earned his GED through the Youth House. He enjoys spending time with family, and hopes to be a master gardener. He plans to attend school for horticulture or fermentation science. He currently works at the Youth Garden.

Congratulations to these hard-working, determined youth for successfully completing such a big milestone! We are so proud of you, and are sure there are many more successes in your future. 

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