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Friday, October 14, 2011

CSC’s Foreclosure Intervention Counseling Program

The following stories are just a few examples of the ways Foreclosure Intervention Counseling Program has assisted people in Linn, Benton and Lincoln counties. Jon Polansky, CSC Foreclosure Counselor says solutions to problems are often buried in confusion, unable to be interpreted by the home owner, and missed by the lender. Foreclosure Intervention is a program of Community Housing Services Department of Community Services Consortium.

A small detail
A 58 year old Linn county man had depleted his 401k and was afraid to contact his mortgage loan servicer of ten years. CSC’s foreclosure counselor, Jon Polansky encouraged him to come into the office and together, they called the loan servicer. The collection department had no solution since he had no income. They called customer service and asked some probing questions and found that he had paid his loan twice a month for ten years and it pushed the paid through date to the summer of the following year.

The right contact
An elderly woman in Lincoln County was three months behind in paying her mortgage; she had no savings but qualified and applied for a reverse equity mortgage which would take over her mortgage payments and allow her to stay in the home she had for 32 years. A credit card judgment in the amount of $3,500 appeared after the loan closing papers were prepared. The law firm representing the credit card company wanted to be paid before the loan closed. The loan would have provided the elderly woman with $5,000 and the money she lacked to pay the judgment. The law firm refused her request to wait until the loan closed. After looking for help, she was referred to CSC’s Foreclosure Intervention Counseling program and contacted Jon Polansky. Polansky found the law firm on the internet, called one of the firm’s partners on her behalf and the issue was resolved in her favor within three business days.

Polansky obtained a loan modification for a young woman who had recovered her income after a divorce. She had been rejected on her solo attempt for a home loan modification after the bank received an erroneous report that the house was vacant.

For more information about the Foreclosure Intervention Counseling Program, call (541) 928-6335 ext. 315 / toll free 1-866-245-1780 or E-mail

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